Fiber Cement Systems

Available in high density panels suitable for highrise application. Durable and available in a multitude of colours and textures. Rear ventilated open joints offer optimal wall performance.

Insulated Metal Panel Systems

Used to create a finished product on both interior and exterior of the wall system. Creates a continuous air barrier. Energy Efficient.

Extruded Aluminum Wall & Soffit Systems

Available in a wide array of colours and woodgrains. Multiple width & joint configurations available. Extruded Aluminum trims can be used to cap aluminum panels or to create clean lines when used with other material types.

Metal Roof Systems

We offer hidden fastener flange fastened roof systems with many custom width and profile options available. We also have a variety of hidden clip panel systems, as well as exposed fastener panel systems available.

Metal Wall Cladding Systems

Uninsulated to thermally broker insulated systems. Flat panels, corrugated panels, custom formed shapes, all in a wide array of standard colours.