TC Ironworks

“Weathered Zinc” Flush wall and soffit at Entrance Fins, “Weathered Zinc” Flush wall at Sunshade Columns, “Regal White” HF-12 panel on Level 3 soffits, “Acorn wood grain” 7” mini reveal panel on 4th floor soffits, “Weathered Zinc” SS-150 standing seam wall panels.

Site 4/5

“Cashmere” mini reveal panel, “Matte Black” Linear panel, “Acorn wood grain” mini reveal panel, “Matte Black” SS-100 standing seam wall panels, Custom Formed accent panels.

Firehall 5

High density cement panel (colours are Mango, Shell and Stone), Z-bar with thermal breaks and rockwool exterior insulation compose the wall system behind the panel.

Lot 11

Scope Of Work & Products: Ceraclad Cementitious Wall Cladding “charcoal”, Al13 Aluminum Composite Wall Panels “bone White”, V-line “cherry” Wood Grain Panels, Al13 Aluminum Composite Wall Panels “bone White”.


Products: WF-636 “charcoal” on loading dock, soffit and roof, Longboard woodgrain siding on feature walls, SS-675 “Charcoal” panel at entrance, fin wall, and main entrance roof.

Poirier Aquatic

Products: SS-675 perforated wall panel “Weathered Zinc”, SS-675 wall panel “Weathered Zinc”, Custom “Weathered Zinc” panels.


Builder: Mierau Contracting, Scope Of Work: Metal Wall Panels, Product: Hf-6 And Hf-12 By Westform Metals, 7/8” Corrugated By Westform Metals, Strata Clad By Lenmak, Colours: Galvalume, Copper Penny, Charcoal.

Heritage Mountain

Builder: Envoy Construction, Scope Of Work & Product: Swisspearl Wall Panels, Thermall Broken Wall Assembly & Pre-formed Metal Panels In Courtyard.


Scope Of Work: Metal Wall Panels, Metal Roof, Wood Soffit, Wood Privacy Screens. Product: “cambridge White” Ff100 Wall Panels, Custom Formed “black Wood Grain” Wall Panels, Mini Reveal “acorn Wood Grain” Wall Panels, Wood Soffit Manufactured By Woodtone, Cedar Privacy Screens, Ff100 “charcoal” Roof Panels At Entries.


Scope Of Work: Metal Roof, Product: Prolok 12” By Westform Metals.